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Healthcare Crisis

The lack of medical professionals entering the field as well as rapidly increasing copays for our elderly population to receive necessary treatment, specialty medication and access to services is deeply concerning. Ensuring equitable access to high quality healthcare is incredibly important and I am fully committed to championing and expanding this initiative.

Protecting Reproductive Freedom

Fighting for reproductive rights and a woman's rights to choose is critical, especially in light of recent events. Not only will I continue to fight for women's rights, I'm ready to start preparing our state for the potential influx of women seeking services from states where their rights are restricted. These services should be accessible to all and I am devoted to keeping them accessible by continuing to protect Massachusetts as a safe haven.

Small Business

Small businesses are integral to our local economy. If elected, I am committed to uplifting local businesses by providing resources like workforce development, employee health insurance, and tools to weather inflation. 


I look forward to continuing supporting our education systems by allocating resources to improve the schools’ infrastructure and curricula. Helping our schools attract and maintain the best staff will help the community foster the developmental progression of our community’s young people. 


Affordable housing is absolutely essential in the Commonwealth. As an elected official, it is a top priority that citizens across all cities and towns can access affordable, stable housing. Additionally, growing businesses bring incredible value to our towns and cities. Therefore, I am committed to cultivating an environment where both new and established businesses thrive, creating a hub of attraction.


I am dedicated to using my role as an elected official to create and support policies at the state level aimed at reducing our carbon footprint, especially by increasing and maintaining access to green spaces and areas to foster community engagement. Massachusetts is a national leader in green policy, and I am committed to expanding on this necessary legislation.

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